Why Use A Staffing & Recruitment Agency To Find Talent? Benefits Of Outsourcing Executive Search Firm

Why Use A Staffing & Recruitment Agency To Find Talent? Benefits Of Outsourcing Executive Search Firm

If you’re running and managing a startup or large business you have to spend money and time in different operations. What you really cannot afford is to spend your valuable money on the wrong areas. The main purpose of having a consulting, executive search firm is that you can save a great amount of money and time. Companies are growing at a faster pace and are delivering extensive products and services when they are managed in a systematic way. There are several advantages owing to consulting executive search firms that already have gained high prominence across the country.

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Executive search and recruitment firms specialize in attracting those hard to find candidates, usually for high-end or high skilled jobs. Headhunters are the mysterious ninjas of the recruitment world. They usually work on a retained basis, so they have a larger incentive than most to find the right people.

Whether you’re searching for the qualified staff or thinking of a career change, you should think about the benefits of using a recruitment agency. Staffing and Recruitment agencies can be hugely advantageous.

Consultants are always on the lookout for skilled people and might be able to open the door to opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. As recruitment agencies already have a pool of qualified candidates, and resources to attract, even more, agency recruitment is usually faster than in-house recruitment. Hiring can be time-consuming and expensive – and that’s just if the process goes smoothly.

Pros of using a recruitment service

If you’re looking for qualified and potential candidates, what are the benefits of using an agency? There are a number of reasons why an employer may decide to outsource their hiring process, but the main benefits that a recruitment agency provides to businesses are:

  • Recruiters can open up a large network of active and passive candidates
  • There are recruiters who specialize in YOUR industry.
  • Market knowledge
  • A wider candidate reach
  • Recruitment experience
  • Reduction in the time and cost of hire
  • Lower risk of a bad hire

Are recruitment agencies cheaper than in-house recruitment?

Nathan Bruton, Managing Director at Le Breton, believes that: “The biggest advantage of using a recruitment agency, rather than in-house recruitment, is the time and money saved by cutting out the advertising of job roles, vetting and the interviewing of candidates.”

As recruitment agencies already have a pool of qualified candidates, and the resources to attract even more, agency recruitment is usually faster than in-house recruitment. They also allow managers and other staff to concentrate on their own jobs – thus maintaining high-levels of productivity in the workplace.

Additionally, there’s nothing to say that a hiring campaign is going to find the right candidate(s) at the first time of asking. This could mean repeating the process numerous times and racking up even more costs. Recruiters are experts in their field and minimize this risk, as well as that of making a bad hire.

Finding a recruitment agency

The key to any successful recruitment process is finding the right recruitment agency for you. Regardless of your needs though, whether you’re searching for staff or that next step on the career ladder, agencies offer a valuable resource that can help you reach your short and long-term goals.

What SDF Systems do

We at SDF Systems aimed to be a top talent solution provider, filling the gap between human resources and organizations. With our industry expertise, qualified recruiters and effective hiring approach we hope to meet our clients’ requirements as they need it and when they need it, keeping in mind to utilize and provide best career opportunities to the candidates as well. Building long-term relation with our employer brand is what we focus on and hope to do so, for the long-term.

At SDF Systems, our professional team of recruiters connect organizations with the top and qualified talent, from junior to senior level, covering different Industries and helping clients across multiple countries. We support both contractual and full time positions, covering a broad spectrum of Industries mainly Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Insurance, Accounting & Finance, Customer Services etc. We provide following:

Rich Candidate Database

We have access to number of different recruitment portals, large candidate database, applicant tracking systems (ATS), which enables us to provide quality resources according to your specific needs.

Domain Expert

We assign industry specific recruiters and domain experts to help you find the right candidate who can contribute to your business growth.

Personalized Services

Regardless of the size of your business, we assign you a manager who will work with you on step by step on all phases.

Targeted Delivery

We select highly potential candidates through careful screening process and deliver talent solutions across industries on immediate basis.

Industries We Specialized In

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Customer Services and many more

Our Approach


Whatever your recruitment and staffing needs are, we take in-depth details and complete job description over phone and/or email to understand the job requirements and ensure to deliver the best outcome. After getting all information, we assign an industry specific recruiter to find the suitable candidates.


Based on given details and JD, our experts start finding suitable candidates from different channels and paid accounts mainly LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Dice, Career Builder. Our recruiters are also expert in social media recruiting, x-ray searches and Boolean strings.


The process starts with the screening of all applications and candidates to find the best match for your needs. SDF Systems recruiters carefully analyze the complete CV and/or profile of the candidates in terms of job title, location, experience, education and key skills to make sure they are targeting the right talent. After sourcing qualified pool of candidates we start prescreen process. We do prescreen by using questionnaires and calls to get deeper insights of candidate skills and background.

We exercise due diligence and examine extensively how much candidates fit the description provided by you.


After precisely examining candidates and their skills we shortlist the best and ready to go candidates and it is time for you to take a go at their interviews either via phone or face to face.


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