Tips – How To Attract Passive Candidates?

Tips – How To Attract Passive Candidates?

As a recruiter, finding and sourcing new candidates isn’t always easy. It can be frustrating for the recruiters to try the same methods again and again and feel like you’re not seeing any good results. But don’t get upset, because the right candidates are out there. According to a recent LinkedIn Talent Blog, while only 36% of the workforce may be actively looking for a job at any given time, up to 90% of the workforce is open to learning more about a position and discussing all possibilities. So how can you get the attention of this wide pool of passive candidates? You should think outside of the box. Use some of these creative sourcing strategies to find the best candidates for your clients.

Sourcing Passive Candidates RPO

 1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a recruiter’s best source for finding candidates if you use it correctly and creatively. For many, LinkedIn can feel like a phone book with no telephone numbers: you can see a passive candidate’s resume and experience, but contacting them feels like reaching across the void. If you’re going to send a potential candidate LinkedIn mail, use the following best practices to ensure they actually read your message:

  • Keep your LinkedIn message to 500 characters or less; short and sweet is the goal.
  • Avoid cliché dialogue about “exciting new opportunities” and instead pick up on specific details about your candidate through their profile. What does their statement say about their favorite aspects of their careers? What career move might they be looking for next? What can this potential role offer them?
  • Don’t ask them to call you. A passive candidate isn’t likely to carve out time in their day to pick up the phone and call you to hear more about an opportunity. Put the onus on you; ask them if they’d like to hear more and then you can email them or call them at their convenience.

2. Try Different Sourcing Platforms

When most people think of sourcing, they at first think about Linkedin and sometimes Facebook. But trying platforms like Google, X-Ray Searches, Twitter, Medium, Pinterest can be beneficial as well. On Twitter you can search by some specific keywords, phrases, and locations, making it ideal for honing in on particular candidates in your region. Use Twitter’s advanced search option to target people based on multiple criteria at a time, so you can locate the passive candidates that best match your specific needs. You can also create your own sourcing lists using Twitter’s list function. You can add potential candidates for different jobs to different lists so that when you click on a specific list, you’ll only see those specific candidates. By adding someone to your list, they also get notified, so be sure you name it something obvious like “marketing professionals” for example. After you’ve added them to your list, you can also choose to follow them and send them a direct message if they choose to follow you back.

Both Medium and Pinterest can be great tools for finding a more niche set of candidates; Medium is a platform full of writers of all kinds, and many designers and artists showcase their work on Pinterest. You can also look at GitHub for developers and IT professionals. Try and identify which social platforms your candidates may be used to showcase their work, code, and creations, and meet them there. Just because someone isn’t very active on LinkedIn doesn’t mean they aren’t active on other channels.

3. Ask Your Current Candidate Base For Referrals

The candidates with whom you’re currently in contact can be some of your best resources for finding more potential candidates, but many recruiters forget this idea. You can reach out to a candidate again and again with different job opportunities, but it can also pay to simply ask a candidate if they know anyone in their own network who would be right for a job role. If you feel you don’t have enough candidates with a certain skill, why not ask candidates with parallel skills who have likely worked with people you’re looking for. If they know anyone who might be in need of work. For example, reaching out to a freelance writer to ask them about graphic designers can be beneficial because they’ve likely worked closely with different graphic designers throughout their careers.

4. Contact Candidates Who Have Started A New Job Recently

Any candidate who has started a new job a few months ago may strike you like the most passive candidate there is, but you could be wrong. The time of contacting someone who has recently started a new job can sometimes work in your favor. They still have the momentum of their job search fresh in their minds and are also in an adjustment period at their new workplace. There’s a chance their new job might not have panned out exactly how they’d hoped. The company wasn’t what it presented itself as on paper. So just because you see a potential candidate who has recently accepted a new position, that doesn’t mean you can’t start a dialogue with them and feel them out.

5. Get Social

Meeting someone face to face will always make a better impression and be more effective than sending message after message or cold calling. So how do you get in front of your ideal candidates? Network like they do. Many passive candidates who would be open to a job change attend networking events to stay connected to people in their industry. Make it a point to get social and attend events that your target candidates would be interested in, whether it’s directly related to their business or perhaps hobbies or side projects that those candidates typically align themselves with. Introducing yourself and making connections with potential candidates helps you build a relationship with them before presenting them with potential jobs. People are much more likely to respond to someone they’ve met in person or established some sort of relationship with.


Tips For Creative Sourcing Channels And Recruitment Tools

Tips For Creative Sourcing Channels And Recruitment Tools

Due to a shortage of talent and tight labor market do your recruiters have the tools and resources in place to fill your hiring needs in a timely manner? Are your recruiters leveraging multiple sourcing channels to identify, attract and engage both active and especially passive candidates?

If you’re having difficulties with sourcing and hiring the right talent, check out our list of the sourcing channels and recruitment resources that you should consider adding to help drive better results.

SDF SYSTEMS Creative Sourcing Channels And Recruitment Tools

Expand Channels For Unique And Advanced Level Candidate Sourcing

It’s important to remember that a successful recruiting program not only relies on an applicant tracking system (ATS) that primarily serves as a tool for processing inbound job applicants generated from different job advertisements.

It’s important to focus your efforts on developing or improving your ability to direct source talent from your competitors and other companies that employ the type of talent that fits your unique company mold. These sourcing channels can and should include:

  • Develop an employee referral program
  • Create partnerships with institutes/universities
  • Mine your internal resume database
  • Post jobs on specialized, niche job boards using strong job descriptions that attract top talent
  • Engage with a recruiting firm before making your decision

Upgrade Or Implement an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An ATS can help employers automate many of their recruiting and hiring processes, which leads to increased productivity, stronger employer branding, and better candidate experience. If you’re using an older, legacy system that leads to work harder not smarter user experience, such as having to click through too many screens or forcing candidates to fill out too many data fields, then it’s time to upgrade to a more advanced system.

There are dozens of applicant tracking systems to choose from these days, some great and some that really shouldn’t be in business, so take plenty of time to thoroughly evaluate your options to ensure you select the best package for your particular needs. In addition, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly check customer references once you narrow your ATS choices down to a few finalists, as many software providers are very good at putting on a strong demo but often times fail to address limitations or issues with their software.

What does a Strong ATS look like?

  • Excellent communication and sourcing capabilities to identify and engage candidates quickly with as little effort as possible e.g. SMS texting and drip email campaigns
  • Fewer clicks and data entry requirements
  • Social media sharing & website integration for job postings
  • Strong reporting capabilities to track and measure recruiter productivity and KPIs
  • Omni-platform system: accessible via mobile phone, tablet, and computer
  • EEOC & OFCCP compliant (critical if you are a government contractor)
  • Robust online training & excellent customer support
  • Integration / syncing with your email service provider and calendar
  • Automates routine steps in the process (candidate scheduling & communications)
  • Integration with free and paid job boards to reduce administrative burdens associated with manual job postings
  • Integration with your ERP or HRIS system is a plus to improve data reporting while mitigating duplicate data entry tasks

Implement Additional Candidate Sourcing & Recruiting Tools

There are dozens of tools beyond an ATS system that can simplify your ability to identify top talent and streamline your recruiting process. These tools range from add-ons for your ATS and CRM system to browser extensions that can aid with finding email addresses, to email add-ons that allow you to gain deeper insights into candidates and more.

We’ve included some highly reputable resources below that cover the top tools, systems and sourcing methodologies that your organization can explore for improving your ability to source and recruit supply chain talent.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Support Service

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Support Service

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is on the rise now a days. The recent downturn in the industry led many companies to scale back their workforce, but as things turn around now they are looking to hire new staff.

The current industry scenario demands new talent acquisition model that is more scalable, flexible and cost-effective than the internal recruiting department. RPO is a convincing takeoff from traditional methods, making it a logical choice for growth-oriented businesses large and small.

What Is RPO?

RPO services are different from those offered by staffing companies. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external or 3rd party service provider.

RPO firms act as an extension of a company’s HR department and can manage all or specific parts of the recruiting process. Their solutions are customizable depending on need and available resources, and they typically offer services ranging from job profiling to the on-boarding of new hires.

Is RPO Outsourcing Right For You?

In the hands of a skilled and experienced service provider, RPO can offer a lot of benefits to your firm, including improved hiring time, increased quality of candidates and add values. In today’s marketplace, these factors can give your business a large significant competitive edge.

Whether you need a little help with finding new candidates or hiring staff or would prefer to outsource the entire process, there are a few things you should consider when evaluating an RPO solution for your company:

Why Your Company Needs Help With Recruiting?

It is very important to understand why your company needs for hiring assistance before seeking outside service provider help for RPO. Doing so will set the stage for the selection and management of a suitable RPO, as well as expectations for your internal human resource, management, and executive teams. Begin by exploring specific reasons and rank them in order of priority, top to bottom.

Examples include:

  • Internal resources are expensive and over-taxed.
  • You foresee an increase in hiring activity.
  • Your management team wants a more accountable and/or consistent option than traditional internal recruiters, contract recruiters and agencies.
  • Metrics related to recruiting quality, speed and costs are unknown.

The Type Of Assistance You Require:

RPO Outsourcing Firm typically provide three levels of service:

  1. Project outsourcing

If you need help hiring a few or small group of people, that is project outsourcing.

  1. Program outsourcing

If you need 300 or more people immediately, that’s program outsourcing.

  1. Total outsourcing

If your entire HR department needs support, that’s total outsourcing.

Identifying the type of required assistance will help you to determine if RPO is right for you, and will go a long way in helping you select a service provider who can fulfill your specific needs.

The specific problems an RPO can and cannot solve.

Although cost savings is an important advantage of outsourcing your recruiting function, it should not be your primary reason for considering this type of arrangement. RPO is a highly consultative function with vast differences in structure, focus, technology, and cost.

Where RPO firms shine is in their ability to improve candidate quality, increase recruitment responsiveness and implement a best-in-class recruitment process to carry your company forward. They cannot, however, be expected to solve your existing problems with fewer resources than you are currently allocating. If your company has inefficient processes and infrastructure in place, focus on the end results you desire, rather than your immediate need to cut costs. In the end, hiring employees who perform at a high level and retaining them will dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.

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