Why Companies Need To Use Admin Back Office Support?

Why Companies Need To Use Admin Back Office Support?

Back office outsourcing can be defined as a business process outsourcing (BPO) wherein back-office tasks or essential non-client facing support tasks are outsourced from offshore outsourcing companies.

In the evolution of back-office support outsourcing, we have seen that more and more specialized back-office tasks are being handled by BPO and outsourcing companies.

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Back office support outsourcing service provides a vital link to firms to provide them with more technical and robust manpower that will enable small businesses to immediately scale its operations without additional capital expenditures and reduce costs.

Some of the back office tasks that are being outsourced from SDF Systems are the following:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Data Entry, Data Mining, and Data Processing
  • Virtual Assistant Support (VA)
  • Admin Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing

With the growing demand to be globally competitive, many companies need to reduce or cut their operational costs. More often, companies are hesitant to outsource their back office tasks because of perceived loss in operational management. This is somehow true with traditional outsourcing.

With outsourcing SDF Systems back office services, you have your own dedicated team that’s located remotely. You can even set their working hours to coincide with yours or 4-8 hours ahead. That way, your outsourcing company is literally working while you sleep. The next day when you come back office everything is ready for you.

As a company, before you start back office outsourcing it is a must that you have a solid plan about what your goals are. Is it scalable growth? Is it setting up a permanent team offshore? Whatever your goals are it is important to partner with the right team that will help you achieve your objectives.

How To Know It’s A Right Time to Outsource Your Back Office Admin Support Tasks?

How To Know It’s A Right Time to Outsource Your Back Office Admin Support Tasks?

As the owner of a company, you probably think that outsourcing is expensive and you think it’s not very difficult to manage tasks on your own. But as your company grows, these responsibilities will also grow. They’ll become increasingly more complex and time-consuming to manage in-house.

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You might be amazed to know that smaller tasks are actually the best candidates for outsourcing and the ones that can benefit the most from the services offered by back office service providers. They can reduce your costs, drive efficiencies, and provide myriad other advantages that will help you run your business in a smarter, more streamlined and effective manner.

Is it time for you to outsource your back office tasks? Here are some of the things that indicate it’s the right time.

Your company Is Growing Quickly 

The life of a small firm owner is exciting. Booms in business, thanks to the rise of the contingent worker, allow you to grow your business faster than you expected. But this increase in business comes with some operational constraints. You’ll have to bring onboard more workers, pay a larger temporary workforce, and manage new risks. The bigger your business gets, the more time consuming, complex, and risky it’s going to get for you to manage your back office tasks on your own. If you’re experiencing exponential growth or see it in your near future, it’s time to outsource your backroom operations.

Misaligned Technology

Sometimes this happened that technology might not be aligned with where your company. Your technology might not always scale to growth. As your needs become more complex, off-the-shelf small business accounting software and HR systems just won’t provide sufficient returns anymore. In fact, they might hinder your operations instead. If you’ve outgrown your technology, it might be time to outsource your back office tasks s instead of investing in expensive new software that you’ll have to spend additional time learning.

You’re Making Mistakes

One of the most significant benefits you get when you outsource your back office tasks is accuracy. Whether you’re making mistakes due to miscalculations, making misclassification errors while onboarding employees, making errors when it comes to legislative compliance, or making HR mistakes while managing your workforce, the consequences can be costly and more expensive. 

When you outsource your tasks, you get a guarantee that if any errors it’s on the back office service provider side. Don’t worry though, because these mistakes rarely occur due to the service provider’s experience and expertise.

You’re Losing Your Focus

As we’ve mentioned above, handling back office tasks can become incredibly time consuming. While you’re trying to manage them as best you can, you’re likely neglecting your core business activities that drive growth and profits. If you’re losing focus on your core business because you’re spending the majority of your time on HR, payroll, and compliance, it’s time to outsource your backroom operations so you can get back to the work that matters.

You Want to Reduce Overhead

Just about every business in the world is trying to reduce overhead expenses in order to have the cash flow needed to invest in more important business activities and stay competitive. Outsourcing your back office work is an excellent solution. Though you will pay a fee to the back office service provider, the cost of that fee is minimal compared to the costs of hiring a payroll clerk, buying equipment and supplies, investing in software, paying fines and penalties from non-compliance, and having the necessary square footage to perform all of your back-office functions in-house.

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Benefits Of Using Back Office Support Outsourcing Services

Benefits Of Using Back Office Support Outsourcing Services

When noticing whether to outsource some main and important tasks of your business back office, there are some points that you have to keep in mind. Back office tasks are a significant part of any business and you want to make sure that all tasks are handled properly by someone. There are many benefits to back office support outsourcing once it’s done properly. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Concentrating on the Core Components of Your Business

One of the key advantages of back office support outsourcing is that by moving repetitive and time-consuming tasks to outsource firms, you’ll be able to concentrate on the core functions of your business. Rather than spending many hours on developing,  presenting reports and crunching numbers, your employees will focus on core areas of business and take action on the finished products done by the professional staff of the outsourcing firm you hire.

Prompt Access to Services and Technology

Another main benefit of back office support outsourcing service is that you have instant access to different services and the latest technology in the field. Instead of spending a large amount of money in purchasing new software and hardware, you can outsource the main or some of the tasks that would need hardware and software to an overseas outsourcing firm.

Reduced Costs and Flexible Resource Management

One of the main benefits of back office support outsourcing is that you will spend less money on in-house tasks. Because an offshore outsourcing firm has trained their staff to handle specific tasks, so you can focus on some main tasks that your staff has been trained to perform and avoid hiring new employees or outsourcing domestically with higher costs. This will also give you greater flexibility in resource management, letting you make faster and better decisions about how to allocate labor and marketing budgets.

Potential for New Opportunities

Offshore outsourcing allows you to gain new opportunities in a variety of tasks and fields. Because by using this service your costs are lower, you can try to reduce your prices and deliver finished tasks faster, opening up new opportunities for you in markets around the globe. You can also develop innovative ideas for your business because you will have much more time to focus on growing your business and developing new products and services that fit the needs of your target market.

There are many benefits of using back office support services, from reduced costs to ensuring the work completed by those you outsource to do a good job. If you are interested in learning more about these or other benefits specific to your industry, contact the experts of SDF Systems team and ask to talk with one of our customer service specialists to get an estimate.

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