Offshore Outsourcing Company – SDF Systems

Offshore Outsourcing Company – SDF Systems

If you’re running a start-up or small business then as a business owner, you may have thought of outsourcing some main elements of your business to make it successful. The benefits of outsourcing seem so obvious that experts in various industries declare it the solution cutting expenses.

Firms like SDF Systems, offer services in 3 main areas: Business, Technology and Internet Marketing.

In business services, we specialize in providing Admin and Back Office Support Services ranging from RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), BPO (business process outsourcing), Data Entry, Lead Generation, Database Building, Virtual Assistant (VA), Research & Analysis (R&A), Social Media Management, Content Writing, Accounting & Book keeping, Real Estate Appraisal, Data Entry, etc.

In information technology (IT), we deal with Graphic Design, Technical, Web and Application Development Services.

In internet marketing, we cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and related stuff.

Why Outsource from SDF Systems?

There are many reasons why clients may choose to outsource a particular function of their business from us, which may include:

Cost Savings

The prices of labor keep increasing, and competition keeps forcing prices lower. So, if there is an outsourcing solution that can save your money and overcomes the outsourcing disadvantages, you must investigate those areas.

Resource Shortages

A particularly strong reason to outsource from SDF involves a shortage of resources. We have a team of experts that fits your requirements and fulfill your needs in a timely manner.

Realignment with Core Business

Some peripheral operations are outsourced frequently. It gives them the ability to concentrate on the core business issues instead of devoting resources to areas that may be necessary, but are not related to the business’ core competencies e.g, IT company that outsources its recruitment/staffing/HR operations to an outside company that specializes in it.

Business Flexibility

Seasonal or cyclical demands that put varying demands on the resources of the company. An outsourcing contract with SDF could provide the flexibility needed to stabilize these varying demands.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Sometimes many functions require a large outlay of money to get started. So, this expenditure could be avoided by contracting with a third party e.g you can outsource a call center set up rather than undertaking a costly expansion to the telephone system and office space to meet increasing customer service demands.

Why Work with SDF Systems?

  •        At SDF, we provide clients with educated, skilled, technical and functional experts in current and legacy technologies. We constantly try hard towards maintaining clear communications with our clients, deploying the right talent for the projects, managing high efficiency in resource utilization, and delivering cost-effective solutions in a timely manner to all our clients.
  •        We always focus on quality that’s why have a wide range of satisfied clients from all over the world.  All these clients are from key industries, specifically recruitment and staffing, biotechnology/pharmaceutical, information technology, marketing, insurance, law firms, real estate, academic institutions, medical, finance,  accounting, travel, and hospitality, etc.

  •        Our team of professional’s delivers business values to each client because we clearly understand that our success depends on their happiness. Our customer driven approach has provided us with a sustainable and stable business model.

  •        SDF Systems provides 100% accuracy in all the work. We offer our services at a low and affordable cost. You can count us to get the job done, whether it’s small or large within the time you require and with the expectations you have.

Common Outsourced Areas from SDF Systems:

Here are some of the frequently outsourced areas:

  •        Back Office Support
  •        Website Development & Design
  •        Lead Generation and Database building
  •        Accounting & Bookkeeping
  •        Internet Marketing
  •        Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  •        Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  •        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •        Virtual Assistant (VA)
  •        Graphic Design
  •        Content Writing
  •        Data Entry

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