Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Support Service

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Support Service

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is on the rise now a days. The recent downturn in the industry led many companies to scale back their workforce, but as things turn around now they are looking to hire new staff.

The current industry scenario demands new talent acquisition model that is more scalable, flexible and cost-effective than the internal recruiting department. RPO is a convincing takeoff from traditional methods, making it a logical choice for growth-oriented businesses large and small.

What Is RPO?

RPO services are different from those offered by staffing companies. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external or 3rd party service provider.

RPO firms act as an extension of a company’s HR department and can manage all or specific parts of the recruiting process. Their solutions are customizable depending on need and available resources, and they typically offer services ranging from job profiling to the on-boarding of new hires.

Is RPO Outsourcing Right For You?

In the hands of a skilled and experienced service provider, RPO can offer a lot of benefits to your firm, including improved hiring time, increased quality of candidates and add values. In today’s marketplace, these factors can give your business a large significant competitive edge.

Whether you need a little help with finding new candidates or hiring staff or would prefer to outsource the entire process, there are a few things you should consider when evaluating an RPO solution for your company:

Why Your Company Needs Help With Recruiting?

It is very important to understand why your company needs for hiring assistance before seeking outside service provider help for RPO. Doing so will set the stage for the selection and management of a suitable RPO, as well as expectations for your internal human resource, management, and executive teams. Begin by exploring specific reasons and rank them in order of priority, top to bottom.

Examples include:

  • Internal resources are expensive and over-taxed.
  • You foresee an increase in hiring activity.
  • Your management team wants a more accountable and/or consistent option than traditional internal recruiters, contract recruiters and agencies.
  • Metrics related to recruiting quality, speed and costs are unknown.

The Type Of Assistance You Require:

RPO Outsourcing Firm typically provide three levels of service:

  1. Project outsourcing

If you need help hiring a few or small group of people, that is project outsourcing.

  1. Program outsourcing

If you need 300 or more people immediately, that’s program outsourcing.

  1. Total outsourcing

If your entire HR department needs support, that’s total outsourcing.

Identifying the type of required assistance will help you to determine if RPO is right for you, and will go a long way in helping you select a service provider who can fulfill your specific needs.

The specific problems an RPO can and cannot solve.

Although cost savings is an important advantage of outsourcing your recruiting function, it should not be your primary reason for considering this type of arrangement. RPO is a highly consultative function with vast differences in structure, focus, technology, and cost.

Where RPO firms shine is in their ability to improve candidate quality, increase recruitment responsiveness and implement a best-in-class recruitment process to carry your company forward. They cannot, however, be expected to solve your existing problems with fewer resources than you are currently allocating. If your company has inefficient processes and infrastructure in place, focus on the end results you desire, rather than your immediate need to cut costs. In the end, hiring employees who perform at a high level and retaining them will dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.

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Types of Data Entry Services At “SDF Systems”

Types of Data Entry Services At “SDF Systems”

Data is considered the most important aspect of business now a days. The outflow of the sales process, reporting of structures and some operational efforts all depend on structured and accurate data. Most of the time data is received in unusable formats or not editable formats including printed documents or paper or in a handwritten form. This type of work calls for outsourced data entry services. Considered a non-core activity for most business, data entry services require concentrated efforts and in a timely manner for the business to be able to have some smooth sailing.

Data entry outsourcing services allow you to focus more on your core tasks while optimizing the opportunity costs, saving money and having experts work on your data entry services. The advantages of the wide range of data entry services available to you outweigh the need to hire and retain in-house employees to work on the same, thus giving you the distinct advantages that only outsourcing can provide.

Now have a look at the services that the outsourced data entry firm like SDF Systems can provide.

Online data entry

The data entry company, SDF Systems, offers an online data entry service. It can be live tracked 24×7, and the format and entries can be custom designed based on your requirements, specific needs and choice of formats. It does not matter where you are and where we are located. A dedicated data entry operator would be available at your beck and call, anytime you need to view the progress and discuss project details.

Offline data entry

The data entry company, SDF Systems, offers offline data entry service. Large data volumes that can be keyed in as per your timelines, also allowing for a fast turnaround, live tracking and accuracy in delivery which is check, proofread and edited as per the choice of your format and needs.

E-Book data entry

e-Book conversions or digital publishing is in high demand now a days as it is called is a popular demand. Data entry company SDF Systems owns the resources, expertise, and experience to provide you just that so you can leverage sales across the planet and get the versions updated in quick turnaround times, never having to worry about the physical form of the book

Tagging images as data entry

For search engine compatibility, indexing, and visibility, or for e-book formatting, this is important to tag the images with titles or descriptions, a service readily available with the outsourced data entry provider.

Catalog data entry services & E-Commerce data entry:

e-Commerce requires Catalog and entry of product data in a format of choice to be able to highlight its own products range allowing for a better revenue cycle. This is a famous data entry service outsourced in today’s times from SDF Systems.

Data entry for printed, handwritten or un-editable formats of data:

Documents which are scanned, or in PDFs or Jpeg are accurately entered in formats of choice in an error-free manner.

Data entry from manuals, referral journals, and dictionaries:

Offline printed versions can be converted to online data in an electronic format from a source of choice

Business surveys, questionnaires, and feasibility reports data entry:

Quick research or a business survey or a handwritten feasibility report is converted to a digital format for easier analysis.

Company formats’ data entry:

Annual data for a regulatory submission can be converted to digital format for ease of use and fling the same.

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